積読 (つんどく・tsundoku)

the practice of buying a lot of books and keeping them in a pile because you intend to read them but have not done so yet; also used to refer to the pile itself.

What is this?

Tsundoku Diving is a place to discuss Japanese media—from movies to games, comics to novels, YouTube shorts to idol music videos that make me weirdly emotional—and the way that they impact us and the world.

Every week (roughly) you can expect a new post featuring:

  • an essay about a title I’m interested in
  • an album, book (manga or novel), and movie recommendation
  • a link at the end to great work related to Japan other people are putting out on the net

Who am I?

My name’s Baxter (he/him) and I’m a lil dumbo living in Japan who loves art and talking about art!

I’m truly nothing special—just an obsessive hobbyist writer who loves helping others find great stuff nearly as much as he loves vomiting onto a page. I’ve also, under the pretense of “studying” the language, been even more deep into Japanese media than ever before, and I wanna spread the love, babyyyy!

Let’s enjoy the ride together and see what we can dig up!

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Images from the manga Discommunication. Header image on homepage from the film Lost Chapter of Snow: Passion.