Here you can find a nice archive of all my non-Tsundoku Diving posts–be it in major publications or guesting on my friend's amazing blogs. You can also find the little fan translation work I've done so far at the bottom! Not much to look at right now, but this is me calling my shot: this page is gonna fill out REAL quick.


once bitten, twice shy: the buddy list (2023)
Eight of my friends (plus me) look back on the year, reflect on experiences, and share some favorites.
I wanted to enjoy this Vampire Survivors-like about killer slime, but its gooey destruction just felt ho-hum
Slime 3K pairs deckbuilding-style power-ups with Vampire Survivors bullet heaven, but it’s lacking in spontaneity.
This Vampire Survivors-like milks the memey humor of Abraham Lincoln fighting dinosaurs, but it’s the exact type of over-the-top-slapstick that makes ‘bullet heaven’ games great
Balance issues and some stale jokes don’t stop Time Survivors’ inherent absurdity from being a good time.


Dream Island Girl

Circuit Nurse

House (Mitsuru Miura manga)

also find it on the internet archive here

3 mangaka share 30 movies

In Translation - 3 mangaka, 30 movies
Atsushi Kaneko, Daisuke Igarashi, and Taiyo Matsumoto share 10 of their favorite movies