The Bookshelf

Welcome to my bookshelf, where you can find all of the weekly music, books, movies, and miscellaneous links I’ve recommended collected into one place!

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Have fun perusing my loverly digital aisles; I hope you find something you love!

(ps please enjoy my top of the line non-symmetrical microsoft paint work)

  • Kusunoki Gekijou by AQ! Ishii & Hiroko Taniyama (darkwave/art pop)
  • Re-Face by MENU (new wave)
  • Dream of Embryo by Funeral Party (coldwave)
  • Eutopia by HikkieP (vocaloid/glitch)
  • Super Ball EP by Super Ball (accidental free improvisation)
  • IT’S NOT FOOD!! by pandagolff (noise rock)
  • The French Operation by GIRLS BE (shibuya-kei)
  • Jaki Matsuri ‘89 Live by Kengo Iuchi (avant folk)
  • Old Age Systematic by NYAI (indie rock)
  • 6 Roads by Utena Kobayashi (art pop)
  • Marine Crystal by K. Yoshimatsu (minimal wave)
  • Houses of Fire by Ignition Block M (post punk)
  • Amputasion by situasion (glitch pop)
  • Shisha by Ill Bone (post punk)
  • Like a Fable by Shintaro Sakamoto (soft rock)
  • Hou-Kai-Kei by Napalm Death Is Dead (noisecore)
  • Phant Solo II by Taishi (drum and bass)
  • E.P by AIR-CON BOOM BOOM ONESAN (no-wave/synth pop)
  • Amu Onna by Mari Hamada (art pop)
  • Hana Furu Hi by Babi (art pop)
  • A Boy by Doji Morita (psychedelic folk)
  • The Picture Show of Chronic Deja Vu by Cinema and Boy CQ (shibuya-kei idol pop)
  • Kazemachi Roman by Happy End (folk rock)
  • Osharaka by Oni no Migiude (prog rock)
  • room share EP by Car10 / The Guays (pop punk)
  • We Are Uchu no Ko by Afrirampo (psychedelic noise rock)
  • Machiawase no Toshokan by Neochi (math pop)
  • PAYKAR by Kapiw&Apappo (ainu folk)
  • Osorezan/Doh No Kembai by Geinoh Yamashirogumi (avant-prog folk)
  • Gorge Bricolage by Hanali (gorge electronic)
  • The Moon, Its Recollections Abstracted by Kei Matsumaru (jazz)
  • City Lights by a0n0 (glitch ambient)
  • Kakkoi Koto wa Nante Kakkowaruindaro by Yoshio Hayakawa (folk)
  • Communication by Junko Yagami (city pop)
  • Oshare Quest by Lover Callots (jazz fusion tinged shibuya-kei)
  • turn back the cRock! by Shima26 (breakcore)
  • Hotatsunami by Nami Hotatsu (new age art pop)
  • Heisei by Yuta Orisaka (jazzy folk pop)
  • Beach by Ging Nang Boyz (noise pop punk)

(images from, in descending order, Ongaku, Whisper of the Heart, End of Evangelion, and Roujin Z)