Sometimes I do a little fan translating on the side of everything else. Sure I start and drop things more often than I finish them, but here's to 2024 having a couple more titles pop up on this page here!

Dream Island Girl

Circuit Nurse

In Translation - 3 mangaka, 30 movies
Atsushi Kaneko, Daisuke Igarashi, and Taiyo Matsumoto share 10 of their favorite movies
In Translation - “The White Shadow” by Reiko Motoyama
Readable for the first time in 50 years, a daring wordless manga by a young shoujo artist.
In Translation - COM Gag + Psychedelic Manga Collection
Including never reprinted rarities from Hiroshi Hirata, Kazuo Umezz, and Go Nagai.
In Translation - “Keep This a Secret From the Laughing Kookaburra” by Masako Yashiro
An interior manga from a forgotten master.
In Translation - “The Glass Marble” by Fumiko Okada
One of manga’s great artists, in English for the first time.